Why Getting Married In Australia is a Better Decision Than You May Think

For many, getting married seems like a normal part of life and it is an opportunity to make a long term commitment to the one that you love. For others, they are a little unsure as to the merits of getting married and feel it is best just to stay together and not make any kind of legal commitment to each other. However, getting married offers many health benefits that most people are not aware of and it can be something as simple as having an illness. Statistics suggest that single people find it more difficult to recover than those whom are married and people who are unmarried do not live as long as their married counterparts.

Better Health

Just by getting married, getting some wedding flower packages in Brisbane and celebrating your love, you can live longer and be healthier. The social support that getting married gives you means that you are better off being hitched and the resulting better health and better health plans open to married couples is a great incentive to plan for your big day soon. Studies have suggested that those of us who are married, have less incidence of major health events like heart attacks and so getting married will not be a pain in your heart but will actually help it.

Better Decisions

If you are married, you are less likely to take risks because you know that if you hurt yourself, your spouse may have to take care of you and that would put a burden on them that you just don’t want. Married people engage less in risky behaviour like bungee jumping and skydiving and as the marriage progresses, they find themselves engaging in less and less risky activities. The thinking is that the married person is more aware of the other person who depends on them and taking part in such risky behaviour is also a risk to their partner.

Reduces Stress

Getting married reduces your stress levels by a very significant amount and less stress means less health issues and less opportunities for depression. Marriage seems to affect our hormones and in men, our testosterone levels are generally seen to decrease which makes us much more agreeable with our partners and this allows for a better relationship and a longer marriage. No doubt, marriage can be stressful but by being married, it helps us to manage the stress and deal with it as a loving couple.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Marriage makes us happier which means better sleep patterns and it has been found that people who are single and worry about being alone, suffer from endless nights of lack of sleep. This lack of sleep affects your health over the long term and women especially, are psychologically stronger because of marriage. Marriage leads to lower frustration levels, you become more tolerant of your partner and other people and you are generally much happier than your single friends.

Getting married is one way to tell someone that you really love them and you want to make a long term commitment to them. It is also a great way to stay healthy and happy for longer.

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