What to Look For When Seeking a Wedding Venue

Looking for a wedding venue can be a daunting task. With so many different venues to choose from, how do you know which one is the best fit for your wedding?

Here are a few things to look for when seeking a top wedding venue:

  1. Size

When choosing a wedding venue, it is essential to consider how many people will be attending. You want to make sure the venue is large enough to accommodate your guests.

  1. Location

It is also essential to consider the location of the wedding venue. You want to choose an accessible venue for your guests to get to.

  1. Style

When selecting a wedding venue, choosing a style that matches your wedding theme is essential. For example, if you have a rustic-themed wedding, choose a rustic style venue.

  1. Price

Another critical factor to consider when looking for a wedding venue is price. You want to make sure you select a venue that fits your budget and doesn’t cut into the wedding funds.

  1. Extras

Make sure to look at other amenities a wedding venue may have. Some venues will provide catering, photography, and more. It can save you money on hiring outside vendors.

Factors to consider when looking for a wedding planner

  • What is your budget?

When choosing a wedding planner, it is essential to consider their pricing. Some planners charge by the hour, and there may be hidden fees. Be sure to read all of the fine print before signing any contracts with a wedding planner.

  • How much help do you need?

Some couples prefer to do most or all wedding planning on their own. If you are one of these couples, then a more hands-off planner may be right for you. However, if you want to delegate some planning details to a wedding planner, then look for someone open to specific tasks and timelines.

  • What services do they provide?

When choosing a wedding planner, it is essential to consider their services. Some planners only help with the day before events, while others will offer consulting throughout your engagement. It is also helpful to know if their services include vendor recommendations and coordination.

  • What types of weddings have they planned?

When choosing a wedding planner, one thing to keep in mind is their experience. Have they planned weddings of the same style as yours? Do they have a portfolio of weddings that you can look at? It will give you an idea of their style and what they can do.

  • How do they communicate with their clients?

Another critical factor to consider when choosing a wedding planner is their communication style. Do they prefer to communicate mainly through email? Or do they like to have regular check-in meetings? It will help you determine if the planner is a good fit for your communication preferences.


When choosing a wedding planner and venue, it is essential to consider all the factors listed above. By taking the time to consider your needs, you will find the perfect planner and venue for your big day.

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