Things to know before sending wedding gifts

If a person or two you know are about to get married soon, you should get ready to gift them something. Going with cash or a cheque will not work with close relations as it would not be a person. As you could easily find a wedding gift Singapore provider online, you can buy something valuable for them. However, it will be helpful if you know the following things before buying.

Time duration

It is mandatory to send the wedding gift at least within two months of their marriage. If you could not send within this time frame, it is better not to do so. There will not be any personal connection if the gift arrives months later.

Go grouped

It is a better idea to buy a gift by gathering a group. Instead of buying a cheaper product each while attending the event as a group of friends, you can try buying a luxurious item with everyone’s contribution.

Add romance

A friend can gift a couple with romantic gifts to induce intimacy.

Don’t think of money

If the couple is of a closer relation to you, you should not hesitate to spend for their gift. Your gift should represent your affection for them.

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