The Serious Misconduct on the Part of Abiola Oke 

For all successive years, Abiola has been the publisher and CEO of the most popular Indie Music Website of OkatAfrica and Okayplayer. However, the person resigned from his position as he was given allegations for his unsound behavior and conduct. His misbehavior with the black female employees in the company made him unpopular in the lot, and for his unjust qualities, Abiola was made to resign from his position. The musical fraternity much accepted his resignation, which happened due to a protest made by a black lady in question. The way acted in the company made the environment toxic, and no one was willing to carry on their office under him.

News of Resignation 

Questlove was the co-founder of OkayPlayer in 1987. He went forward in sharing the statement of Abiola Oke resigning from his position publicly on Instagram as stated in the media that Abiola has never been justifiable with the female employees working across OkayPlayer and OkayAfrica. He was in position, and for this reason, no one dared to speak against him. The resignation episode of Abiola has been extremely popular on social media. The news spread like wildfire that Abiola has been forced to resign, and he is not holding the office anymore.

Wrong Done to the Women 

More than being a stalwart, Abiola is famous to people for his misconduct and misbehavior with the women fraternity. They were made to work under unfavorable conditions, and lack of empathy made them hostile and aggressive. One brave woman took the step who said that Abiola has been notorious in his conduct and that he has been extorting the women merely for no reason at all. The company cordially accepted his resignation as everyone has been hearing badly about him for quite some time.

Agony against Abiola

The brave woman came forward and commented against Abiola. Questlove thinks that more announcements are coming up in line, and you would soon be hearing the greater part of the story stating the real incident. There are reasons for female antipathy against Abiola. However, an exterior party has been appointed to look into the matter, and soon the truth will be disclosed. Questlove says that the company attempts to create a positive work ambiance so that the employees feel secure in the environment.

Story of Revolt 

Abiola Oke has been in real news these days, and more people are taking an interest in the news of his resignation from the position of CEO at Okayplayer. The former writer Ivie Ani for OkayPlayer and the others share a statement that demands that Oke should step down or be removed from the CEO position. From 2015 to 2020, the black-skinned females working for OkayPlayer and OkayAfrica were not empathetic. They did not have the right resources and support to deal with. With years of maltreatment, they have become agile, trying to raise their voice against the injustice done to them.

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