Honeymoons in Punta Cana: 4 essential things to do

One of the choices with the greatest impact on a couple’s life is to find the perfect honeymoon destination. Punta Cana has established itself as one of the main places chosen by most of the newlyweds, which is not surprising given the enormous beauty that emanates from this exuberant Caribbean island.

Located in the Dominican Republic, this natural paradise offers lovers endless leisure and cultural opportunities while delighting with its beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters and lush tropical nature. In addition, the large influx of visitors has led to a wide variety of resorts and hotels in Punta Cana with all the comforts to spend a dream honeymoon.

Hotels in Punta Cana

Finding a ticket at an affordable price as well as a hotel that offers maximum well-being and services for the entire duration of the stay is one of the most complicated tasks that must be faced when organizing the details of the entire honeymoon. However, given the great hotel offer in Punta Cana, the search for the ideal hotel or resort is much less complicated than it may seem.

In fact, some of the most important hotel chains in the world are located on the island. You’ll find a good number of all-inclusive luxury hotels, many of them located on the beachfront. Destined for any visitor, including couples and newlyweds, some of these accommodations are completely reserved only for adults offering comfort and excellent quality facilities in a dream place.

For those who wish to try the traditional food, the restaurants located in the hotels will satisfy these demands by offering unparalleled flavors. Without a doubt, the most important thing is to choose the most suitable resort for each person’s needs so that the honeymoon trip will be unforgettable.

Live new experiences on an island paradise

Punta Cana has one of the longest white sand coasts in the Caribbean, a total of 48 kilometers, making it perfect for relaxing and lying under the sun for long hours. In addition, its waters are ideal for the practice of numerous water sports such as scuba diving or snorkeling. But it is also possible to enjoy its impressive green landscapes doing diverse activities outdoors or even visit some of the most emblematic buildings of the island. These are some of the essential things you can see and do on your honeymoon.

1 – Practice water sports. Given the incredible white sand beaches and turquoise waters located in Punta Cana, the practice of various water sports is a great activity. An ideal place for snorkeling or diving is Catalina Island. The shallow waters are perfect for beginners, where you will be able to contemplate the impressive coral reefs and marine fauna. However, surfing and windsurfing are other sports that can be practiced throughout the island. In fact, Cabo Engaño is the ideal place for these two activities. Don’t worry if you don’t have the right equipment because on the same coast you will be able to acquire the indispensable materials.

2 – Visit the island of Saona. Most excursions to the island depart from the beach in the village of Bayahibe, with a choice of boats or catamarans. The journey takes about an hour and allows you to contemplate the beauty that surrounds it. A protected area and part of the Cotubanama National Park, Saona has beautiful white sandy beaches full of coconut palms to relax on for a while. You can also visit the area of Palmilla where there is a large natural swimming pool ideal for bathing. Besides being a paradisiacal place, it is the habitat of very different species such as manatees and turtles.

3 – Tasting chocolate. If there’s one food that a large part of the population likes, that’s chocolate. Well, in Punta Cana, within the Authentic World shopping complex, there is a very popular museum: the Chocomuseum. It exposes the history of Dominican cocoa and the process of making chocolate from the tree to the table, one of the most sought-after products. During the visit, you can taste all kinds of chocolates and taste the famous Dominican liqueur Mamajuana with different flavors. If you want to know how chocolate is made, the museum has a half-day workshop that visitors can sign up for.

4 – Cathedral Our Lady of Altagracia. This cathedral was inaugurated in 1971, is the most important religious site in the Dominican Republic. It pays homage to the patron saint of Dominicans, the Virgen de la Altagracia. Inside you can see two elements of enormous heritage value. One is the impressive bronze and gold arch 69 meters high and the other is the central altar where a 16th-century painting of the Virgin Mary is exhibited. Nearby is the museum of La Altagracia, visitable to admire the collection of paintings and gold jewelry.

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