Five Important Tips to Keep in Mind when Choosing a Wedding Band

Paul Cave and the Platinums Utah Wedding Music Band

The music is your wedding’s most important detail. It can determine how much fun everyone will have on your big day. That is why you and your significant other should hire a wedding band that can get your guests up on their feet and keep them on the dance floor.

Live bands provide inspired, personalized music which takes the excitement to your wedding to the next level. These days, great bands cover all genres of music. A live band can provide a bit of live energy and finesse that is unmatchable. But, there are a lot of live bands out there which makes picking the right one confusing.

Here are tips to help you make the best decision that can help you discover superior musical options for your big day:

Do your Research

Keep in mind that live bands are not created equal and some of them can be a bit cheesy. That is why you must do your homework before you make a choice. Ask to check out live videos of the performances of a band or visit venues they will be performing to get a good feel of what to expect from them on your wedding day. Also, get in touch with booking agencies like Green Light Booking to simplify your search.

Ensure they Provide Enough Variety

As you interview a possible wedding band, ask to see a list of their songs and how much you can have into the song choices. The majority of established live bands have extensive lists of songs and will allow you to decide most of the songs to be played on the wedding. Some bands may charge you extra if you request for new songs so get the pricing upfront.

Decide on the Kind of Music you Wish to Get Played

When choosing a wedding band, you need to determine the kind of music that is most important to you. Whether you prefer a huge band that performs everything from Rihanna to Engelbert Humperdinck or a bohemian acoustic group that plays Katy Perry, you will end up with the right band when you set your expectations. But, the best bands are very flexible and can cover almost everything from rock to pop, jazz, soul, and more.

Determine the Number of Singers and Instruments you Want

Although the total number of performers you book will depend on your budget and the kind of band you want to hire, having more musicians will make the sound richer. Make sure you pay attention to the core elements that make a great live band. A sax, trombone, and trumpet make up the brass. The performers, drummer, and percussionist take care of the rhythm while instruments such as guitar, bass, and keyboard ensure the harmony. Live bands usually have a lead singer and two backup vocalists.

Discuss the Price

A lot of live bands charge an ad-hoc fee for the music they will play during the wedding ceremony. Although you can get the pianist early, you may need to pay more for the additional hours for the cocktail hour. When you meet with the representative of the band, get an outline of the inclusions of their base price to know about any extra costs.

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