Everything You Need to Know About Certified Criminal Record Translation.

Certified Criminal Record Translation

A certified criminal record translation is an official legal document. It is required in many instances, including, immigration, adoption, employment or studying abroad. It is a mandatory requirement in several different official procedures. It becomes mandatory for you to hire a professional, experienced and authentic translation services for your criminal record translation. It should have the layout similar or almost alike to the original one.

At Kings of Translation we will provide you with unrivalled certified translation services. To proceed with our services, simply request a quote by sending a scanned copy of your required document. Once you have gone through the price evaluation sent by our team, let us know. We will translate, certify, finalize and send your document back to you through email as well as courier.

What Is Offered at “Kings of Translation”?

Apart from Certified Criminal record translation, we deal in many other translations as well. We have helped thousands of clients achieve their dream of migration, employment or studying at their dream university through the precisely translated criminal record. As you might be aware of how imperative it is to produce a certified criminal record translation in such procedures. No matter if you are travelling to any other country, applying to a foreign university and planning to start a job in a foreign country, a certified criminal record translation is a mandatory requirement. Without it, your application process won’t be completed or processed further.

Other Types of Legal Services We Offer:

We have a team of experts who are well versed in a massive number of fields. We also offer translation of laws, contracts and transaction. Besides these, we also provide the translation of legal acts, legal entities documents, legal opinions and power of attorney. Additionally, we also provide precise translations of testimonies, apostilles and memoranda. Our team is well versed in several different fields and over one hundred and twenty languages. We always ensure that each legal document is translated, including a certified criminal record with accuracy and complete precision.

Things to Keep in Mind During Legal Translations:

No matter if your translation service provider is providing certified criminal record translation or any other type of legal translation, always make sure it is translated properly and word-to-word. The team of translators should be based on human translators that are experts in their respective fields and languages. Always ensure that the layout of your translated version is similar to the original one. The translations should be carried out precisely and in complete accordance with the legal standards. The printing and certification of your criminal record should be top-notch and precise. At “Kings of Translation”, we will offer you all this and more. We have a team of experts who are well versed and well aware of all the nitty-gritty involved in the process.

What is Trial Translation?

A trial translation is a service that you can avail before getting your actual required translation from us. If you want to test our services and assess the way we work, simply request a trial translation from your experts. We have got you covered.

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