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How to Choose a Wedding Catering Service? Here’s Your Guide!

Weddings are special, and you would want everything to be as perfect as possible. Apart from the theme, venue and entertainment, you need to pay immediate attention to catering too. After all, good food can change the mood.

Here are the quick things that matter in selecting a wedding caterer.

  • Find your budget. Long before you look for wedding catering services, set a budget that’s realistic and ideal for the theme and venue. Ideally, you would end up spending around 40% of the wedding budget on catering, but if you want something especially, you may want to keep more funds aside.
  • Understand the theme. If you are having a wedding by the beach and under the clear sky, a BBQ event might make more sense. You would want your guests to have a good time, and for that, the catering must be done right. Consider all the options before you decide between table serving and buffet.

  • Ask around. Talk to your friends, colleagues and other people you know about the best wedding caterers in town. References come handy, because you can take an idea from the experience of other people. Most of the wedding catering services have their websites, so checking on Google may be handy too.
  • Know the specialties. Every caterer has a few signature dishes for weddings and events, so ask about them. The menu should be decided mutually with your catering, depending on what you want to spend. If money is not your main concern, you can pay a tad more and ask for a sampling session. As the client, you have the right to approve or disapprove a dish.
  • Ask for an estimate. Estimates will include the cost of catering, serving facilities offered and other charges that might be applicable. Getting an estimate is not a choice, because you don’t want to pay for hidden charges later. Check the quotes from at least three to five caterers, but don’t choose one because it’s the cheapest. Expertise and experience matters the most in wedding catering.

Finally, do sign a contract with the relevant terms and conditions, because in case anything goes wrong, you would know what is to be done. Always work with a known wedding catering service, because you wouldn’t want to save a few bucks and ruin your special memories forever. Check online now for options, and before you hire one, do seek a few references of previous clients.